Work on fundamentals and speed will come!

A few weeks ago, I posted the following video of our student, Visu along with the comment below:

“Visu had never used trigger reset or shot on the move. He also fine tuned his draw and the use of sights. The above video was taken towards the conclusion of the (4 hour) class. Visu’s movement is smooth and his accuracy is pin point. As time passes and if Visu continues training, his speed will inevitably improve. Visu is shooting a Glock 19. We look forward to future sessions with Visu. GREAT SHOOTING!”

We had the pleasure of working with Visu again approximately 1 week after the above video was shot.

Here’s the video of Visu’s 2nd 4 hour session with us (which he sent to us from Thailand as we had recorded it on his camcorder):

As can be seen, Visu’s speed has increased quite a lot and his accuracy is consistent with the first (slower pace) video. If the fundamentals are sound, speed will inevitably materialize. The credit goes to Visu for coming to us with an open mind, working hard and being patient. The shots from cover and through the barrier need some fine tuning as he was crowding the barrier/cover etc. We are extremely pleased with his progress.

Unfortunately, Visu had to return to Thailand the following day. We hope to work with Visu again in the very near future.

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