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I’ve taken several courses from PTS. They’re a great bunch, I’ve been shooting since I was legally allowed to own guns and I still get a lot out of proper instruction. Good on you for taking the next step in your training.

Whatever your skill level, the guys at PTS will set the pace so that you get maximum benefit out of your time there. I recently took a group of 6 guys ranging from seasoned shooters and brand-new owners. We had a great time out there. Highly recommended! – The Cable Guy

I can personally recommend PTS! I have done a lot of training and Maani and Sean are really top notch all the way! You won’t regret going with PTS. Great for all levels from learning the basics to high speed low drag oper9ing. Really incredible training team. – Tacticaldad

Big thumbs up for PTS, taken multiple classes with them.  Maani is very detail oriented and breaks down technique so it is easy to understand. – John I.

I would highly recommend Phoenix Tactical Solutions. I have over 24 years of experience as a peace officer and Manni has helped me take my shooting to the next level. I have taken multiple classes at PTS with son my who was 18 years old at the time and had been shooting for about 2 years and with my brother who was just starting to get into the sport. Manni managed to incorporate our various skill levels into the class and we all left feeling positive about what we learned. As soon as the weather changes we plan on taking his low- light tactical shooting class. Check out his videos on YouTube. – dram74

Totally recommend PTS for your training and area you live. The range is very easy to drive to and is just minutes from the fwy. The instruction at PTS is one of the best for time and money spent. They are safe and make sure everyone else is moving at the pace for their skill level. With the attention they show every student, it is like you are getting a private instruction. Great group that I recommend and refer. – stucco

Having lunch now after finishing up the Handgun 1 class with Maani and Sean. WOW!  What a fantastic day. These guys were great. I will be creating another post to leave a more detailed review but wanted to update this thread with our experience just in case others are following it or it’s found in a later search. – anonymouscuban





Much thanks to Maani for another stellar class. Today was my sister and wife’s first Handgun 2 class. They did extremely well. Because of Maani’s focus on fundamentals and attention to detail I am extremely happy with my wife and sister’s development. They are becoming great shooters. They have become very accurate and comfortable with handling their weapon systems.

Phoenix Tactical Solutions has provided excellent instruction for me and my family. They engrain fundamentals into your training to establish a solid base. As you move on to the more advanced classes you become that much better of a shooter. They focus on being “hands on” and they train “on the line”. I absolutely love this because I personally would not feel comfortable if the training involved sitting on our butts wasting valuable line time. This is more valuable than most folks recognize.

I highly recommend Phoenix Tactical Solutions to anyone and everyone. If they can turn my wife and sister into fantastic shooters they can do it for anyone 🙂

Much thanks again Maani! – C-Bee

I also attended the Phoenix Tactical Handgun 2 class on Sunday and agree with C-Bee’s assessment.

I’ve been training with Phoenix Tactical for over two years now and believe that their teaching, training, attention to detail, and emphasis on accuracy produces amazing results.

After 2 or 3 classes with Maani, brand new shooters are consistently hitting a 4″ target at 5, 10, 15, and 20 yards. The accuracy and consistency are amazing.

For shooters who have mastered the fundamentals, Maani helps you focus on increasing speed and efficiency and provides a variety of exercises to stay sharp. Box drills, controlled pairs, non-standard response, precision shots, lateral movement, forward and reverse movement, one handed shooting, kneeling, etc.

Accuracy is emphasized on every drill. Shooters have their own targets, and targets are taped up regularly so you see every shot, catch any mistakes, and diagnose and correct immediately. Maani and Sean both watch every student and provide constant personalized feedback with every drill. Trigger press, trigger reset, and front sight are emphasized continuously to improve accuracy of initial and follow up shots.

The half-day morning classes are very convenient and not exhausting like some full day or two day classes. Despite the half day format, you are on the line shooting constantly. Techniques are discussed on the line as you are shooting, and at the end of the class, you complete an “assault course” that combines many of the techniques.

If you are interested in improving defensive shooting skills, I highly recommend taking a class with Phoenix at Angeles Ranges–they offer pistol, shotgun, and carbine courses, and occasionally offer evening low light pistol and rifle classes for experienced students. – SPE

A great class, as always with Maani.

My fundamentals were a little rusty but it all came back to me within the first few drills. Lots of good drills including shooting from various positions, while moving, and using cover.

Well worth it to help keep the skills sharp. – Chasgee

Took my first class (Handgun I) with Phoenix Tactical today and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way the class was conducted. Maani and Sean are awesome instructors; very professional and accommodating…not to mention, really friendly and down to earth. Even the fellow students who were regulars to the class were very helpful, and the vibe was just amazing.

With all the drills we practiced, the underlining theme was safety, fundamentals, and accuracy. There were a mixture of static drills and dynamic drills with emphasis on movement, while maintaining your accuracy. Super fun and amazing stuff!

This was my first REAL tactical training other than dozens of YouTube videos I have watched over the past couple of months. But folks, watching YouTube videos and actually doing it under the supervision of professionals is night and day.

I am hooked and I’m seriously considering taking EVERYTHING they offer lol.

I highly recommend Phoenix Tactical for people who are into good vibes and excellent training. – napoleonhill

Always great training with Maani and Sean. They run a professional and safe organization. Even though the class is a group of students, it seems like they take the time with each individual, one on one, so you can polish your technique. The drills and repetitions they run are important, so even though the class ends early afternoon, bring plenty of ammo cause it will feel like a full day of shooting! When you start to train with PTS, you will see many familiar faces as you progress through the classes, and the reason is because people return to train at a place that is fun and training is the fundamental for increasing skill. – stucco

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled to relay what a great experience we had with our class at Phoenix Tactical Solutions. My wife and I have taken several classes before from different outfits but we both feel (along with some our other friends who also took the class with us) that Maani and Sean were our best instructors so far. My wife has had quite a bit of trouble shooting /hitting her target in the past. Groups were loose and very inconsistent. Maani was the first instructor to be able to diagnose her issues and get her hitting a 4-inch target consistently by the end of class while drawing from a holster (even during a movement drill). Fantastic! I couldn’t believe the results. They made it so much fun and gave her so much confidence that she was excited about taking the next level class with PTS (definitely a first. Usually have to ‘drag’ her out to train).

Maani and Sean have a great attention to detail. They are very patient and provide a very safe environment for which one can learn how to shoot.  I highly recommend them. – numbr




Two friends and I just took the Handgun 1 class from Phoenix tactical yesterday. This was set up in collaboration with Angeles Armory at Angeles Range. In fact, a few of us were using handguns we bought from Nabil in the class.

The class was small. Only 6 of us, so we got a lot of teacher/student time. Although this is technically an introductory class, most of us had previous training with only one student coming in at beginner level. That being said, Maani and Sean progressed the class either faster or slower depending on our abilities. We never felt either bored or rushed. It was perfect actually.

Their attention to detail, focus on SAFETY and personable teaching method made this class, honestly, one of the best i’ve taken. The low teacher to student ratio means you get lots of attention to address your particular needs. The class is structured but not rigid. One thing I’ve not liked with previous other courses is the faux military drill instructor style and the cookie cutter syllabus that you get rushed through. Maani and Sean are real people, that shoot really well, and can teach you how to shoot better without yelling at you. This is a no BS class.

For me, I’m a modified Weaver/isometric stance guy, having taken a few 4 day runs at Front Sight over the years. Maani and Sean said they used to be Weaver guys and converted over to isosceles stance a while back, finding it more versatile. I shoot really well in weaver so I do not need to change but decided i’d try it. But it was up to me, Phoenix does not push you to use their method. All I can say is my shooting improved in a couple hours with the isosceles stance. You just have a more neutral base that allows you to react and move quicker in my opinion. It’s going to take practice to break the weaver stance habits but i’m sold.

So… if you’ve trained before and just need a great day of practice and technique tweaking, or you are a beginner, this class is one heck of a half day of shooting. Do it!

Looking forward to taking Handgun 2 now… – Craig

These guys are incredible! I have had the pleasure of shooting with this team for a while now and take it from me, if you want real world practical tactical … 100% must… Tacticaldad

To my fellow cger’s PTS is highly, highly recommended. I’ve taken my fair share of classes through the years and must say Maani and Sean are exceptional instructors. Bargain of a price as well! I’ve paid ×2-3 and some other schools and feel PTS is definitely on par or better in somethings. If you are a local training junky like me PTS needs to be a part of your regiment, you won’t be disappointed! – John I.

Hi everyone. I’ve taken (and arranged) several classes with them. PM me if you have any questions. First rate. Excellent, excellent classes. As mentioned the training is solid but they are not rigid about how fast or slow to go. They go as fast as you can keep up safely. – Keith B

Glad you enjoyed your class with Phoenix Tactical, Maani and Sean are great guys to work with. Both are very fluent in their abilities and very easy to talk to if you need some certain tweaking in your instruction. – DSMeyer




First, I would like to say thank you very much to Maani and Sean for their time, knowledge, and professionalism. They are extremely good instructors that maintain your level of confidence by allowing your skill level to set the pace of your learning and not just rush through the days training. I had never shot from a holster so I was looking to start out very slow until I got the hang of it. Maani and Sean were exactly the instructors that I was looking for because they never made me feel uncomfortable and were readily willing to go extra slow until I felt confident in the task being performed.

I took this class because I wanted to become more confident my Sig P228. I was looking for a course that could train me to feel extremely confident with it since I’m mainly an AR guy and the handgun was my weakness. I wanted training that would take my handgun skills to the next level and I found it (I actually think I went an extra level, which is cool). On top of the skills that I learned I think one thing that sticks out with me the most is that I feel safer now with my Sig than I ever have after completing this class. It’s hard to describe but when you feel safe you are safe, you feel confident, you shoot better, and that’s great.

During the days training we covered close contact and intermediate engagements, support side shooting, shooting on the move, shooting during retreat, Type 2 and 3 malfunctions, and more. Best of all you learn three of the best skills for tactical shooting:
1. Who’s your best friend? (thanks Sean. I still can’t believe how well this works.)
2. How to shoot extremely fast without sacrificing accuracy.
3. A skill that could safe your life when reloading. (thanks for drilling this over and over Gents)
These alone were worth their weight in gold. Take the course and I’m sure you will agree.

I got everything I wanted, and then some, from this training and had a blast as well, no pun intended . I would recommend this class for anyone who wishes to take their handgun skills to the next level, feel safer handling their firearm, or those who wish to feel “one with the gun” as the Phoenix Tactical Solution website says. I truly feel one with my Sig now and I appreciate and thank those who got me here.

I do recommend bringing:

– plenty of water or Gatorade
– hat and sunscreen
– and an UpLula is a definitely a must have for reloading

I hope this helps folks in thinking of taking a class!

Safe shooting to all! – Nicholas B.



Angeles Ranges – Eagle’s Nest C Private Range

I had a fantastic Saturday at Angeles Ranges attending the Phoenix Tactical Solutions handgun skill builder. It was a great class, and I highly recommend them!

Miataguy and I arrived early around 8:40am, and Maani and Sean from Phoenix Tactical already had the range fully setup. They had a dozen target stands prepared with their custom silhouette targets, and even setup a patio umbrella for us to give us some shade during the quick breaks.

I have tried to remember the different drills that we did–I may have mixed a few up or missed one or two, but the session was very comprehensive, and did a nice job of working gradually from simple to more challenging exercises.

We started with basic 5 yard drills, drawing from holster to practice safe draw, and then doing “heart shots” and “head shots” into the cardio and ocular areas of the custom targets.

The heart is about 4-5 inches, and the ocular area is about 2×5 inches. The custom targets were great, because they forced you to aim and shoot precisely. The goal was to have all shots, for all exercises, in the two gray target zones, which is much more precise / demanding than any other class I’ve taken–and was very good practice for me.

We then moved on to close contact shooting, where we shot with one hand from count 2 on the draw. After a few drills, we were able to hit the heart on two targets rapidly with one hand. Next we did some fixed drills where the target was to our left or right or behind us, and we had to pivot 90 or 180 degrees, draw, and then shoot. Last, we did several shooting and moving drills, starting from 1 arm length, shooting from the draw, and then shooting as we walked backwards.

They then setup all of the target stands into a single course of fire that included all of the things we learned and practiced. Starting from arms length, shoot two targets in the heart, then shoot them 2-4 times in the heart and head while walking backwards. Then run to cover with muzzle safety and hit 4 targets from behind the cover. Then run 10 yards while doing a speed or tac reload, then 1-2 shots each to 4 more targets while moving. Occasionally, just when we thought we were finished with the last shot, we would pause, check our surroundings and be ready to holster, and they would call out a surprise drill–“One to the head” and we had to immediately react and hit the target.

To wrap up the day, they gave us a primer on vehicle shooting. We sat in a truck with the seat belt on, and had to exit the vehicle safely while drawing from our holster, and then shooting four targets from behind the vehicle door. We all acknowledged that it wasn’t a likely scenario for those of us in California, but it was a great exercise, as you realize how awkward and distracting it is to try and exit a vehicle safely with a loaded handgun and then try and hit several targets.

What I really appreciated about the class was the instructors’ attention to detail. They showed me my stance was a little off, that I tended to lean to the side a bit, and that I was bringing my head down a little to meet the sights instead of bringing the gun up to meet my eyes. Adjusting those items immediately improved my accuracy. They watched nearly every shot to confirm where I hit, and reminded me when I wasn’t doing a proper trigger reset and when I was focusing on the target instead of my front sight, and they showed us how we could tell based on where our hits were on the target. I loved all of the real-time feedback as I worked to clean up some bad habits that I had developed.

Although it is only a “half day” class, we were almost always shooting, and we went through about 550-600 rounds. I had seven 10-round mags and I was constantly reloading. UpLula to the rescue! By the end of the day, I was very tired, so be ready for a workout!

Recommendations for students:

–If you haven’t already taken a class that teaches drawing from a holster and covers holster drills, you should probably speak with them about their Pistol I class before doing this skill builder.

–Bring lots of liquids for the summer classes. It was moderately warm (80s) and I went through 3 Gatorades, two bottles of water, and a coke and I was still dehydrated when I got home.

–Bring a hat and sunscreen

–If you don’t have an UpLula, get one. You may feel manly loading your mags by hand, but when you have a pile of mags to reload quickly, UpLula saves you a lot of time and a lot of wear and tear on your hands. – Steve E.




Just wanted to post a big “Thanks” to Maani & Sean for a great shooting class on Saturday at Angeles!

They had the range set up and ready to go before anyone arrived and had the class planned out ahead of time also which led to……

I personally shot 600 rounds in the 4-hour session……. all of it with very close up demonstration, instruction, feedback, and advice from the instructors.

We did almost everything they show in their videos:



And we finished with the

If you’re like me and like to shoot (duh), then their classes are a must for you. You’ll shoot a ton and get some good training also.

Those of you who couldn’t make it REALLY missed out on a great day all around. – Denis F.



It was a great class this past Saturday at Angeles Ranges with Phoenix Tactical Solutions, and I highly recommend them!

I arrived a little late around 9:15, and Maani and Sean from Phoenix Tactical already had the range fully setup with about a dozen target stands using their custom silhouette targets and were going through some basic drills. I have taken classes with them before, so after a brief weapons check and safety review we started into the class.

The Class was very comprehensive, and they did a good job of working gradually from simple to more challenging exercises, and they constantly gauge your abilities and modify the course to suit and challenge your individual skill level.

All the drills are done drawing from a holster to practice safe draw, and then adding speed as you progress throughout the day.

Phoenix uses custom targets with 2 highlighted “A” zones. The heart is about 4-5 inches, and the ocular area is about 2×5 inches. They work well because they force you to aim and shoot precisely. The goal was to have all shots, for all exercises, in the two gray target zones. Very precise and very tough in some exercises trying to do “heart shots” and “head shots” while moving or off the draw from 25 yards away.

We continued the class with close contact shooting, first single targets then on to multiple targets. Next we did some drills where the target was to our strong side or weak side or behind us. We had to pivot 90 or 180 degrees, draw, and then shoot. That progressed into multiple target engagement with double taps and eventually into a “fail to stop” (Mozambique) drill. Lastly, we did several shooting and moving drills, starting from 1 arm length, shooting from the draw, and then continued shooting as we walked backwards.

The final (and most fun) part of the class was the Assault Course. They setup all of the target stands into a single course of fire that included all of the things we learned and practiced. Starting from 5′ away with the targets behind you, turn and draw, double-tap three targets in the heart, then run to cover with muzzle safety and hit 3 targets from behind the barricade. The barricade has cut-outs and staggered sides, so you shoot the targets twice each standing, squatting, and then kneeling from different locations. Still behind cover, do a speed or tac reload, then 1-2 shots each on 4 more targets while moving towards them. Occasionally, just when we thought we were finished with the last shot, we would pause, check our surroundings and be ready to holster, and they would call out a surprise drill–“One to the head” and we had to immediately react and hit the target.

One thing I really appreciated about the class was the instructors’ attention to detail. They were constantly watching the mechanics of how you shoot, telling me if my stance was off, if I was didn’t grip my gun correctly at the draw, or if I had a weak grip on my support hand. A lot of little things that helped improve my accuracy. I was watching where I hit, and they were watching how I shot….. That type of the real-time feedback really helps to clean up some bad habits and improve your accuracy.

If you take a Phoenix Class, which I highly recommend you do, be ready to shoot A LOT! Although it was only a half day class, we were almost always shooting, and I went through all 500 rounds I took.

A BIG THANKS to Maani and Sean for another great class. Their insight, instruction, and helpful tips made this a very beneficial class. You really should check them out. – Miataguy




Just finished up Rifle 2 at PTS with Manni and Sean and it was an excellent class. I have been recommending them to friends and family so I thought I’d share. We did drills from 5 to 300 yards and completed 2 assault courses. Didn’t learn anything new per se, but Manni has a way of refining technique, as he is very detail oriented, felt like I had a private class with all the little tweaks. If you’re looking for quality training in SOCAL check them out. **** This is not a paid AD I paid full price for the class plus tip because I believe in the instruction. – John I.




The short of it:
These guys at Phoenix Tactical are amazing! I have never shot so accurately and fluidly. The instructors are fantastic they are detail oriented, professional and very friendly. Simply said they are really good at what they do! You will have hours of stories for your friends. Look now further, these are the guys to go with. We are already talking about the next time we are going to do this!

The long of it:
Well just this holiday my two buddies and I treated ourselves to a class with Phoenix Tactical. We arranged for an all day private lesson. We did Handgun in the morning and Carbine in the afternoon. (Let me say 8 hours of training and you’ll be in bed by 8:30pm and sore guaranteed.) We got to the range and there were 3 instructors for 3 trainees! Great first impression! Since we didn’t own handguns they set us up with some glocks. Now since we didn’t own any handguns you could ascertain that we weren’t the best shot. But from the first draw from the holster we were all on target. Now I said these guys are detail oriented and I didn’t lie. The torso on your target isn’t acceptable it’s got to be in the heart every time and that was the case no matter what the distance or the circumstance. We impressed ourselves that goes to show you the level at which they teach. When we moved over into the carbines the same was true for those. Fantastic! Something we had all never done but once again we were on target all day and it was tons of fun! We shot from 9am to 5:15pm (sunset) with a 20 min break for lunch. Talk about getting your money’s worth. Now Phoenix Tactical does do group lessons which are 5 hours or so and less expensive then the way we did it but that being said I wouldn’t hesitate for one second doing this again. Call it “Man Camp” and take your closest friends and go do it!

Ok so you’re concerned I have now hyped this up so much that it’s gonna be a let down. You’re so wrong! I got home and it was all I could talk about. In fact it has been the point of conversations and questions from my friends for the last week. Well worth the money! A truly incredible experience! – DGAM




I’m currently active duty in the US Navy and completed two tours in Iraq. The training for my two tours in Iraq with the Army can’t compare to the training I received from Phoenix Tactical Solutions. I have shot a lot of weapons while in and outside the military. I couldn’t believe how much quicker and accurate I’ve become after spending one day at the range. Also, I can’t believe I shot 500 rounds out of my GLOCK 17 in just a 4-hour class. The number of rounds fired in training I received from both the Navy and Army combined in 14 years of active service doesn’t even come close to the amount of rounds fired at Phoenix in 4 hours. It just reminded me how terrible military training really is. My girlfriend accompanied me and also did the training alongside. This was the first time she ever fired a gun in her life and she had a blast doing it. She learned a lot about safety and the basics on everything from loading and aiming a gun to different shooting positions from static to on the move offensive and defensive shooting and movement to contact. My girlfriend and I are definitely going back to receive more training and completing other courses the company offers. We’re both hooked and had a great time at Phoenix Tactical Solutions. – Christopher Silva