Detective V.R.

I took a Handgun 1 class with PTS and was extremely impressed with the instructors’ great attention to safety and manner of instruction. Maani Golesorkhi and Sean Dunn are extremely knowledgeable instructors who really want their students to excel.  The atmosphere of the class was not intimidating and was peppered with light moments to put the students at ease and create the perfect ambiance for learning.

All the elements of safety and marksmanship were expertly explained by Maani with emphasis on the reasons “why” behind each one. Minute idiosyncrasies
and what Maani termed as “body chatter” were addressed to encourage the students to be smooth and safe when drawing and re-holstering the handgun.

Maani also explained what happens during a “fight or flight response” and provided methodology in manipulating the handgun in order for students to be armed with safety protocols during such adrenaline dumps.  In short, I cannot praise this outfit enough.

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