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We understand that things happen – however we would appreciate at least one week notice if you are not able to commit to your class.

We do not provide Refunds but we would be happy to reschedule your class at your convenience.



We train during all kinds of weather.  At times it can be very hot or very cold or even raining.  Luckily in Los Angeles the weather is usually cooperative.  However it is very important that everyone dress accordingly and bring necessary supplies.

Heat – Please wear layers that can be removed, a rimmed cap or hat, sunscreen.

Cold – Please wear layers of warm clothes, gloves and beanie/cap.  If it’s an OWB (outside the waistband) holster required class, please make sure you can tuck your outer garments for safety reasons.

Rain – We suggest water-proof gear with hoods and boots.

We set up canopies during heat or rain.



We love working with children and seniors, but we do have age restrictions as follows: 

Up to 17 years – may attend a private lesson with a parent or guardian (no group classes).

18-20 years:  May attend a private lesson or a group class with a parent or guardian.

21-69 years:  May attend a private lesson or group class.

70+ years:  May attend a private lesson.



Our requirements are as follows:


If you are not US citizens we would need:

1 – A copy of your current passport via email + bringing your passport with you to class.

2 – A brief written statement via email as to why you are taking the course.

3 – A letter via email on your company letterhead stating your position as well as length of employment.  We would like you to please bring an original copy of the letter with you to class.


With many thanks in advance for your understanding that that our primary focus is always our students’ safety. 




Hello and welcome.

In case our regularly scheduled classes don’t work with your calendar you might consider one of our Private classes.

A private class will offer you the benefit of getting up to speed with the weapon of your choice (Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle) at your convenience.

Details on our Private classes are as follows:


  • Five-hour training session
  • 8am – 1pm / 1pm – 6pm (12pm – 5pm winters – this would cost an additional $100 as we’d have to reserve the range all day.
  • $900 for up to three / $250 per person for groups of four or more
  • Low Light training is available depending on level of experience.
  • Since our private training schedule books rather quickly we suggest you call in advance so we can reserve range space.
  • Please call Maani at +1 310 279 3699 or email at maani@phoenixtacticalsolutions.com

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