PTS: Video Clip of Shotgun Assault Course

This is a video clip of Steve’s (one of our students) shotgun assault course run:


-4 rounds at 2 targets (alternating) while retreating to cover -6 rounds through circular openings of structure while port/combat loading: standing (2), crouching (2), and kneeling (2) -select slug/slug changeover – 2 slugs at a 4 inch target at 35 yards (firing/strong side and support/weak side transition) -shooting on the move while port/combat loading (actual drill was to speed reload behind cover prior to moving but Steve wanted to work on his port/combat loading) -one target was accidentally not engaged while moving forward -transition to pistol while moving towards final target

Steve won a free class for successfully hitting both 4″ heart shots on the slug portion of the drill.

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