How to find my pistol red dot faster – one of a few fixes

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Good morning – it’s Maani with Phoenix Tactical Solutions. I made an observation years ago – over the past 16-17 years of instructing – that most people (and again we have a clear handgun here)…

0:20 – Maani demonstrates

When they want to lock the slide back, they can’t do so in this fashion whereby the muzzle is oriented down range.  So we make them turn and do it in this fashion because I realized that our arms like to work across our body.  It’s very difficult to manipulate a handgun this way because biomechanically this is not as easy as this – that’s just the way our body’s wired.

So it hit me that if I have people blade off just a tad – so as a right-handed shooter, I would have my right toe in line with my left heel – so it’s just a tad of a blade as opposed to square – just a tad.  I can then present the handgun straight, as opposed to a slight kant left.

1:05 Maani demonstrates

Go straight to the target as opposed to (and again, I can do it if I’m standing square with the target, but most people can’t – there’s a tendency to want to go this way and they try to drive the gun to the right using their support hand so it goes something like this – it comes out this way and they drive it) and it hit me that a lot of people are hitting left on the target, especially when you present some stress in the drill or bringing a timer into the equation, most shots are going left.

Because of that presentation, the support hand doesn’t do a good enough job to drive the gun to the right or to the center of the target, and you hit left.  So I think blading just a tad (and again, I’m not talking about a modified Weaver stance) helps alleviate that issue.

More importantly, it’s really helps finding a red dot.  So if you have an optic on your handgun (there’s a tendency a lot of people can’t find it because they’re presenting the gun to the left a little bit so that dot is high right – like where the hell is it – but if you just slightly turn, blade off a little bit, that dot becomes much easier to find.

Again, food for thought – just a slight, slight blade – because of the fact that my hands like to go in this fashion – they like to work across my body – it helps me drive the handgun straight ahead as opposed to having that slight left movement.

Thanks for watching.

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