Glock 19 MOS Review & Shooting Impressions – (3 Stage Trigger???)

Here’s my Glock 19 MOS. As you can see I’ve got a Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA dot.

I have a severe stigmatism so with the 2 MOA dot I see a squiggly line with multiple dots on it. The 3.25 didn’t really work for me as either.  With the 6.5 I see some sentence of a dot. It’s not a perfect dot, it’s kind of like an oval, but at least I can see more of a dot than with the 3.25 or the two MOA.  I have treasure concept pressure sites mounted as well.

As far as optics go, where they shine for me is distance, low light and transitioning from target to target because I can stay threat-focused.

As far as the 6.5 MOA dot this is not a rifle – this is a close-up tool.  I can still hit hundred 150 yards no problem with it.  Yes, at 300 yards it covers 19 and 19.5 inches but again, this is a handgun.  At 20 yards when I’m shooting a very small 1.5” inch target it covers the whole thing but again, I can see some semblance of a dot so it really works for me

 As far as close up, I don’t get any gain and it doesn’t really hurt me either.  I could do without it close up, let’s put it that way, but it’s fantastic.  The only downside with these obviously that every year have to take it off and change the battery – I have it marked on my calendar!

I do have an issue with this 19.  I called Glock and they told me they’ve heard about this and they wanted me to send it back but I don’t care that much… the way I look at it once I keep shooting it it’s going to work its way out – let me show you what I’m talking about…

2:10 Maani shows what is happening

I press the trigger I get to the wall. That’s my pre ??? I get to the wall.  But if I keep pressing, there’s another wall. Did you see that?  Then the trigger breaks one more time wall – 2nd wall – click. Now does it really bother me?  Not necessarily – when I’m going fast I don’t notice it, but when I am going to slow or if I’m doing a deliberate trigger press and if I want to get a really accurate shot, I do feel that second bump and it is a little distracting, but it works for me.

It’s a fantastic handgun – overall really like this pistol.  I’m going to shoot it a little bit more and see how it does!

Thanks for watching.

3:10 Maani demonstrates Dickens Drill – 40 yards – 8” x 10” Steel Torso

Ten rounds – 14:45 – Dickens Drill – the guy was a serious hero – he saved a lot of lives – God bless him.

I wanted to do it on this small steel target because it doesn’t have surrounding mass to draw you in – I thought maybe it’s going to be a little bit more challenging.  Got to bring down the time – again Glock 19 MOS sitting in Tier 1 Axis Slim.  I have to get this right as it sticks a little bit. That’s my fault – it has nothing to do with the holster.

I think from my for my money, it’s one of the best combinations of concealability and drawability. Thumbs up to them. I’m really liking this gun. Like I said, it’s got it’s like a two-stage trigger, you get to the wall, then there’s another wall – it’s a little bit distracting but other than that fantastic.

I’m just going to shoot it to see if I can smooth it out. If not, I’ll just throw in a whole new trigger assembly.  We have a clean target here – I’m going to shoot for #6

5:25 – Accuracy Demo at 5 yards – 7 yards – 10 yards – 15 yards

Let’s go check it out.

These are the three 6” plates.  Fist I’m going to try this at 50 yards and see how it goes.

8:15 – Accuracy Demo at 50 yards – 35 yards / 6” plates

8:45 – Accuracy Demo at 70 yards / 7”x 10” Steel Torso

9:00 – Accuracy Demo at 40 yards / 7”x 10” Steel Torso

1:79 again – 1:94

Before I leave, I thought I’d just add this to the video. I was having a little difficulty drawing – it was sticking a little bit – it has nothing to do with the holster. I was shooting a 5th Gen Glock 19 out of a 3rd Gen Glock 19 holster. Hence I was having some issues. My third Gen draws beautifully – no issues at all, so I thought I’d mentioned that.

Thanks again for watching. Take care.

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