Video documentation of one of our student’s progress

We’ve had the pleasure of working with and documenting Nicholas’ (one of our student’s) progress over the past several months.

Nicholas had never fired from a holster nor taken a handgun class nor done any moving and shooting etc prior to this class. We videotaped one of Nicholas’ final runs of our assault course at the conclusion of the 4 hour class.

Here’s the video:

Nicholas has since attended 3 more handgun classes (4 total) and I am very proud of his progress. He has supplemented his live fire training with a lot of safe dry fire practice at home.
Here’s a video of Nicholas’ 4th class after 2 months of firearms training with PTS:

Nicholas is shooting a Sig P228 (9mm). I am especially impressed with his timed shots in light of the double action/single action trigger system.

Nicholas’ open mind and work ethic are to be admired. We look forward to continued work with him.

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