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The combat shotgun is one of the most effective self defense weapons within 25 yards. Slugs give shotguns tremendous versatility, allowing the user to engage targets up to 100 yards effectively. It is one of the weapons of choice in close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios as well as a fantastic home defense tool. Yet with all tools, it’s the training that will elevate the tool to its legendary status. Come train with us and learn how to master the combat shotgun.

Course Requirements

Clients should have eye (for day and dark) and ear protection. A good holster (preferably kydex), belt and magazine carrier for both handgun and rifle mags (with belt loops). Knee and elbow protection are suggested. A semiautomatic handgun (9mm or higher caliber). A semiautomatic or pump action shotgun. At least 3 handgun magazines for Shotgun 2. A hat and sun screen. A small bag to carry all your equipment. Clothing for seasonal weather. Adequate water and snack/lunch. At least 100 rounds of handgun factory ammunition (for Shotgun 2 with a prerequisite of having taken Handgun 1) , 40rounds of low recoil 00 Buckshot, 160 rounds of Birdshot, and 20 rounds of Slug. WE CAN PROVIDE AMMUNITION (HAS TO BE SHOT DURING CLASS), HANDGUN/SHOTGUN AND EQUIPMENT FOR A FEE.

Cargo pants (with large cargo pockets) and a sturdy belt (1/2″ or 3/4″) are recommended. We also suggest shirts that are adequately long so that they can be tucked in. Footwear with adequate ankle support is ideal.


Special Rate: $175.00)  for a 5 hour class.  Handgun rental $25.00 – does NOT include ammunition.  Shotgun rental $40.00 – does not include ammunition.

DEF-TAC Shotgun I / Syllabus

  • Safety briefing
  • Lecture
  • Stance/Sights/Trigger
  • Single and multiple targets engagements
  • Speed Loading
  • Port Loading
  • Slug Changeover
  • Long range, select-slug drills
  • Hostage situations
  • After action drills

DEF-TAC Shotgun II / Syllabus

  • Shooting & moving
  • Fighting stances – standard, rear, support side and firing side engagements
  • Transitioning shotgun to support side
  • Shooting from cover – standing & kneeling
  • Box drill & assault courses
  • Shotgun to handgun transitions (prerequisite: having taken Handgun 1 with PTS)
  • Port load drills
  • Shotgun Malfunction drills
  • Select slug drills while moving through assault courses

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