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DEF-TAC Handgun

The handgun is probably the most versatile and practical of all small arms. At times when it’s not feasible to have a rifle or shotgun, a handgun is easily accessible. With proper training, tactics and mindset, the handgun can be a natural extension of your arm. At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we take pride in tailor making a course which meets your specific requirements. Whether you’re a special forces operator or a civilian, we have the requisite tools to enhance and improve your shooting skills and tactics.

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DEF-TAC Shotgun

The combat shotgun is one of the most effective self defense weapons within 25 yards. It is one off the weapons of choice in close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios as well as a fantastic home defense tool. Yet with all tools, it’s the training that will elevate the tool to its legendary status. Come train with us and learn how to master the combat shotgun.

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The urban combat rifle is an extremely effective tool in close range and long range engagements. You will master the various engagements along with the effective use of a rifle in shoot house scenarios and low light engagements.

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DEF-TAC Mastery

DEF-TAC MASTERY™ was first developed by Phoenix Tactical Solutions for those students who wish to master handguns, shotguns, or rifle (or all). Essentially, the DEF-TAC MASTERY enrollee will progress to each DEF-TAC level symbolized by a specific color Phoenix hat by passing a very difficult timed shooting test. The student will also have to demonstrate a complete understanding of each level by teaching each course within each level. In effect, the student will have to master each level before moving on to the next. Unlike many martial arts schools, we take our ranking system very seriously and each student will only progress to the next level upon receiving the proverbial green light by the lead instructors. Each student will receive the corresponding colored Phoenix hat as well as a certificate of completion of said level. Mastering each discipline is also a means of achieving instructor level.

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