EDC BELTS REVIEW: Nexbelt vs Kore Essentials

Tactical Training Gear – compare & contrast

Good morning – this is Maani with Phoenix Tactical Solutions.

Today we are going to review two belts – ratchet style belts – Nexbelt versus Kore Essentials.

Full disclosure – I paid for the Nexbelt.  Kore Essentials sent me this one to try out.  Regardless of whether I paid for it or not, I am not going to compromise my integrity for $50 or any amount for that matter… so let’s get on with it.

Both are obviously ratchet style belts whereby I can make micro adjustments.  I can make ¼” adjustments as opposed to a regular belt with holes in it where I’m limited to 1” adjustments.

0:30 – Maani displays ratchet style belt adjustments capabilities

It’s either going to be too tight or too loose, but these belts that can make discrete adjustments.  For example if I had a big meal or if I just want to loosen it a little bit, I think they’re fantastic.  They are both obviously EDC (Every Day Carry) belts.

With the Nexbelt you are probably going to appreciate the fact that it’s not too stiff.  The construction is such that it may feel a little bit more comfortable. I’ve had this for five months, and it’s getting a little too flimsy from my liking.

With the Kore Essentials, the comment that a lot of people make is that it’s too stiff, but trust me, in the long haul, you are going to appreciate the stiffness because it’s going to maintain its shape better and stiffness better.

For that reason I like the Kore Essentials better.  I’ve had this one for about four months.  I can just tell from the construction that the Kore Essentials is going to probably hold up better as far as stiffness goes.

Now as far as buckles, I carry appendix carry and I like the smaller buckle of the Kore Essentials.

1:55 – Maani compares buckles

I don’t know if Nexbelt makes a smaller buckle, so it’s not a fair comparison, but the fact that this is smaller, I like it because I push my buckle to the left.  Because I’m carrying appendix, I don’t want the buckle on top of the holster because it’s going to stick out more, so I appreciate that smaller buckle.

2:25 Maani displays inside of belt

If you look from behind, the Kore Essentials has a much smaller profile as far as the buckle system goes.  They both have trigger systems – what they call trigger systems – to loosen the belt – so obviously I tighten it by just pushing the belt in.

2:45 Maani demonstrates how to adjust the belts

The Kore Essentials has a hook style lever that I can pull and I can loosen the belt. The Nexbelt has a lever system.

Again, both systems are fantastic.  However I do prefer the Kore Essentials because:

– the hook makes it a little easier for me to loosen the belt

– it is a stiffer belt

– the buckle is smaller (not a fair comparison if in fact Nexbelt makes one with a smaller buckle)

– the trigger system (or the release mechanism) is a little easier to manipulate

Again, both fantastic belts.    My gut tells me – just based on my limited use of them – that the Kore Essentials is going to hold up its stiffness in the long haul.

Hope that helps. Thanks for watching. Take care.

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