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DEF-TAC Handgun

The handgun is probably the most versatile and practical of all small arms. At times when it’s not feasible to have a rifle or shotgun, a handgun is easily accessible. With proper training, tactics and mindset, the handgun can be a natural extension of your arm. At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we take pride in tailor making a course which meets your specific requirements. Whether you’re a special forces operator or a civilian, we have the requisite tools to enhance and improve your shooting skills and tactics.

DEF-TAC Handgun I / Syllabus

  • Safe gun handling & range specific safety rules
  • Grip/Sights/Trigger
  • Standard fighting stance
  • Marksmanship
  • Holster presentations & holstering – presenting your weapon safely
  • Post engagement after-actions
  • Controlled pairs – fast and more accurate follow-up shots using trigger reset
  • Cadence Drills
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Shooting from the ³ready position² (the most used combat position)
  • Emergency Reload Drills
  • Malfunction Clearance (Type 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Lectures – mindset, situational awareness, ballistics, incapacitation, failure to stop

DEF-TAC Handgun II / Syllabus

  • High speed holster presentations against single and multiple targets
  • Advanced marksmanship techniques
  • Fighting stances – standard, rear, support side and firing side engagements
  • NSR (non-standard response drills)
  • Shooting from cover (standing & kneeling)
  • Target engagements incorporating movement (forward, rear, lateral & diagonal)
  • Assault courses & Box Drills
  • Speed, emergency, and tactical reloads
  • Type 1, 2 & 3 malfunction clearance

DEF-TAC Handgun III / Syllabus

  • Close and intermediate contact engagements
  • Defending multi-directional attacks
  • Retreating (rear/lateral/diagonal movement) while engaging multiple opponents with sustained fire
  • Shoot/no shoot scenarios
  • Multiple assault courses requiring shoot-on-the-move tactics
  • Emergency and tactical reloads executed while moving
  • Use of cover and concealment

DEF-TAC Handgun IV / Syllabus

  • Timed single & multiple adversary engagements
  • Support side, firing side and rear close/intermediate engagements
  • Stationary and moving one hand engagements (firing and support hand)
  • Man-on-man against single and multiple targets
  • Support & firing hand malfunction (Type 1,2 & 3) clearance
  • Various drills

DEF-TAC Handgun V / Syllabus

  • Safety Briefing
  • Door breaching
  • Room entry tactics
  • Searching and engaging multiple adversaries in house-clearing ops
  • “Dynamic” room clearing techniques
  • “Cutting-the-Pie” room clearing techniques
  • Low light urban environment engagements

DEF-TAC Handgun Low Light

The FBI in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) reflects that most shootings – approximately 80% – occur in low light conditions. After this class, you’ll have no fear of low light engagements and you will feel in command of your residence at night.

DEF-TAC Handgun Low Light / Syllabus

  • Handgun light techniques: Harries, Wilson-Rogers, Rogers, Reverse Harries, Neck Index, FBI
  • Holster presentation of pistol and combat light
  • Low-light search techniques
  • Low-light movement
  • Multiple target engagements using weapon and combat light
  • Weapon-mounted light training
  • Tactical reloading and emergency reloading executions
  • Malfunction Clearances

DEF-TAC Handgun Low Light / Course Requirements

Course attendees should have eye (for day) and ear protection. A good holster (preferably kydex), belt and magazine carrier (with belt loops). Knee and elbow protection are suggested. A flashlight and spare batteries. A semiautomatic handgun (9mm or higher caliber). At least three magazines. A small bag to carry your equipment. Clothing for seasonal weather. Adequate water and snack/dinner. At least 300 rounds of factory ammunition. WE CAN PROVIDE HANDGUN AND EQUIPMENT FOR A FEE.

DEF-TAC Handgun/Rifle Vehicle Ops

  • Safety brief
  • This class is only offered to advance shooters who have trained with us and who we deem as safe and proficient. Lectures and practical application of how to engage targets from and exit vehicle, maintaining fire from around vehicle, viability of vehicles as cover, communication, ballistics and bullet deflection (laminated, tinted & tempered glass) and problem solving from inside and outside vehicles (single driver and driver/passenger).

DEF-TAC Handgun Armorer

Familiarity with your weapon, understanding how it operates and learning how to detail strip it will make you one with your weapon.

DEF-TAC Handgun Armorer / Syllabus

  • Learn how to detail strip your handgun.
  • Learn how to detail strip your CA legal Modern Sporting Rifles and shotguns.

Our Tactical Firearms Training Courses are on a private range at Angeles Shooting Ranges

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