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Tactical Training tips – Which CCW Belt Works Best

Good morning – it’s Manni with Phoenix Tactical Solution – today we’re going to talk about CCW belts.

The belt that I like is any belt with a ratchet system.  Basically this one has a push button trigger…

0:15 – Maani demonstrates

I can press it and I can loosen the belt – or I can discreetly (I don’t know if you guys can hear that) tighten it.

The reason I like this belt is for belts that have a ratchet system (I’m not married to this one) is because I can make micro adjustments whereas with a conventional belt I’m limited to 1” adjustments or thereabouts from center hole to center hole.

With these ratchet systems, I can do micro adjustments – I think it’s about ¼” adjustment – so if I’m having a big meal, I can press this button gently and loosen the belt…

0:55 Maani demonstrates

There’s a button there’s it’s called the push button trigger system here – I press it and I can loosen it or I can just tighten it – very discreetly – without drawing attention to myself and I like that feature.  Again I can make micro adjustments – and I’m not limited to that 1” adjustment.

Obviously the belt has to be nice and sturdy. I don’t recommend getting any belt that you have and using it for your CCW purposes. Get one that is really rigid and ideally the ratchet system is perfect.

1:50 – Maani demonstrates ¼” ratchet style belt / tighten or loosen

Again – I got a little push button trigger system – I can loosen it or I can discretely tighten it – I hope you guys can hear those clicks.

Thanks for watching – and hope to see you in class some day!

Take care.

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