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At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we are dedicated to providing defensive tactical solutions for your specific defensive needs. Our DEF-TAC © customized programs are designed to provide you with defensive solutions for specific tactical threat scenarios. We have taught civilians, military (active & reserves), law enforcement and contractors.

The handgun is probably the most versatile and practical of all small arms. At times when it’s not feasible to have a rifle or shotgun, a handgun is easily accessible. With proper training, tactics and mindset, the handgun can be a natural extension of your arm. At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we take pride in tailor making a course which meets your specific requirements. Whether you’re a special forces operator or a civilian, we have the requisite tools to enhance and improve your shooting skills and tactics.


OCSD CCW Training Provider

Phoenix Tactical Solutions is an approved CCW training provider for the OCSD Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Our provider status can be viewed on the CCW provider list at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website.


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I’m currently active duty in the US Navy and completed two tours in Iraq. The training for my two tours in Iraq with the Army can’t compare to the training I received from Phoenix Tactical Solutions.

Christopher Silva

If you're like me and like to shoot (duh), then their classes are a must for you. You'll shoot a ton and get some good training also.

Denis F.

Well worth the money! A truly incredible experience!


If you take a Phoenix Class, which I highly recommend you do, be ready to shoot A LOT! Although it was only a half day class, we were almost always shooting, and I went through all 500 rounds I took.


If you’re looking for quality training in SoCal check them out.

J. I.

Although it is only a "half day" class, we were almost always shooting, and we went through about 550-600 rounds. I had seven 10-round mags and I was constantly reloading.  By the end of the day, I was very tired, so be ready for a workout!

Steve E

I would like to say thank you very much to Maani and Sean for their time, knowledge, and professionalism. They are extremely good instructors that maintain your level of confidence by allowing your skill level to set the pace of your learning and not just rush through the days training.

Nicholas B

Maani and Sean are great guys to work with. Both are very fluent in their abilities and very easy to talk to if you need some certain tweaking in your instruction.


If you are a local training junky like me PTS needs to be a part of your regiment, you won’t be disappointed!

John I.

These guys are incredible! I have had the pleasure of shooting with this team for a while now and take it from me, if you want real world practical tactical... 100% must.


If you've trained before and just need a great day of practice and technique tweaking, or you are a beginner, this class is one heck of a half day of shooting. Do it!


Maani and Sean have a great attention to detail. They are very patient and provide a very safe environment for which one can learn how to shoot.  I highly recommend them.


Always great training with Maani and Sean. They run a professional and safe organization. Even though the class is a group of students, it seems like they take the time with each individual, one on one, so you can polish your technique.


Took my first class (Handgun I) with Phoenix Tactical today and I couldn't be more pleased with the way the class was conducted. Maani and Sean are awesome instructors; very professional and accommodating...not to mention, really friendly and down to earth. Even the fellow students who were regulars to the class were very helpful, and the vibe was just amazing.


A great class, as always with Maani.


I've been training with Phoenix Tactical for over two years now and believe that their teaching, training, attention to detail, and emphasis on accuracy produces amazing results.


Whatever your skill level, the guys at PTS will set the pace so that you get maximum benefit out of your time there. I recently took a group of 6 guys ranging from seasoned shooters and brand-new owners. We had a great time out there. Highly recommended!

The Cable Guy

I can personally recommend PTS! I have done a lot of training and Maani and Sean are really top notch all the way! You won’t regret going with PTS. Great for all levels from learning the basics to high speed low drag oper9ing. Really incredible training team.


I would highly recommend Phoenix Tactical Solutions. I have over 24 years of experience as a peace officer and Manni has helped me take my shooting to the next level.


The instruction at PTS is one of the best for time and money spent. They are safe and make sure everyone else is moving at the pace for their skill level. With the attention they show every student, it is like you are getting a private instruction. Great group that I recommend and refer.


Having lunch now after finishing up the Handgun 1 class with Maani and Sean. WOW!  What a fantastic day. These guys were great.


Phoenix Tactical Solutions has provided excellent instruction for me and my family.