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At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we are dedicated to providing defensive tactical solutions for your specific defensive needs. Our DEF-TAC © customized programs are designed to provide you with defensive solutions for specific tactical threat scenarios. We have taught civilians, military (active & reserves), law enforcement and contractors.

The handgun is probably the most versatile and practical of all small arms. At times when it’s not feasible to have a rifle or shotgun, a handgun is easily accessible. With proper training, tactics and mindset, the handgun can be a natural extension of your arm. At Phoenix Tactical Solutions, we take pride in tailor making a course which meets your specific requirements. Whether you’re a special forces operator or a civilian, we have the requisite tools to enhance and improve your shooting skills and tactics.


OCSD CCW Training Provider

Phoenix Tactical Solutions is an approved CCW training provider for the OCSD Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Our provider status can be viewed on the CCW provider list at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website.


MSA Supreme® Pro Earmuff

We recommend the amazing Supreme® Pro Earmuff by MSA. These pro-grade ear muffs protect from hazardous noise while allowing users to hear surrounding sounds. Link


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DEF-TAC Handgun
DEF-TAC Mastery
DEF-TAC Shotgun
DEF-TAC Force on Force

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