Experience the practical application of the skills and tactics you have in your arsenal using airsoft handguns/rifles which shoot plastic projectiles (bb's) up to 400 fps. Develop your reaction times when faced with simulated attacks with a knife or handgun. See how you respond to an attacker running at you full speed from 21 feet with a plastic knife (Tueller Drill). Experience first hand attacks from close contact and intermediate distances. Practice shoot house tactics against armed adversaries...quite different from shooting targets in a shoot house. We will provide airsoft Glocks and rifles, as well as head/eye/neck/hand protection.

Cargo pants (with large cargo pockets) and a sturdy belt (1/2" or 3/4") arerecommended. We also suggest shirts that are adequately long so that theycan be tucked in. Footwear with adequate ankle support is ideal.